Packaging PVC Seals

Packaging PVC Seals

We are supplying Packaging PVC Seals ( Preformed Caps ) to Fruit Jam and Pickle bottles as a sealproof and leakproof packing. Also supplying such type of caps to all type of bottles for neck sealing.

We make shrink film for packaging purpose. These films make leak proof; tamper proof packaging on products giving good aesthetic looks. Packaging shrink films are categorised.

Cap seals : for packing of food products in bottles including lug caps bottles.

Cut pieces and Pouches : for packaging food material, Pesticides, insecticides, chemicals, Edible oils, pharmaceuticals.

Rolls are used when customers have their own cutting facility.

Customer's company name / logo / pollution control logo can also be printed on these films.

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Packaging PVC Seals
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